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This website does not use cookies to track you. Instead, I generate a fingerprint based on your graphics card and a few other browser details. This means I can track you in incognito mode. Go ahead and try it :) Your current fingerprint is blocked. :)

I have logged 7962 fingerprinted page requests with a total of 2170 unique fingerprints.

These are your requests, regardless of IP or privacy mode.

The only limitation is if you change browsers on the same computer. But if I factored in your IP address or other computer details which conveniently seep out into the internet, with some time, I could identify you across several browsers, IP addresses and devices using some complex statistical computations. This technique is currently used by big search engines and online ad providers which can capture allot more traffic than me. Using all this data, not only can they work out what devices you use, but where you travel daily, to work, and on weekends, for shopping. Thanks to all that they can target you with better adverts. Thanks to EU cookie laws, Pandora's box has been opened. "All your base are belong to us!"