About Piotr Kula

I decided to leave boring full-time positions and incorporated my company, Kula Solutions LTD on 1st July 2014.
Ever since then my primary focus is to do highly technical C# back-end contract work for companies in the North West of England. This also gave me the opportunity to do allot of direct B2B work during extra hours and created several successful solutions for private companies.

Have a look around my offical site and see what I have been doing. Please feel free to contact me about anything that you might be interested in doing.

I wrote Raspberry Pi Server Essentials and then Raspberry Pi Server Essentials 2 with the intention to help people understand the basics of Linux, using fun ideas on an incredible credit card sized computer. I myself, have learnt so much more about Linux by writing Raspberry Pi Server Essentials If you are unfamiliar with Linux, but interested in a Raspberry Pi, I think my book will help you going in the correct direction.

  • Use Raspberry Pi as a low cost network storage device
  • Turn your Raspberry Pi into a media server to stream media to your network
  • Configure a web server using PHP and work with databases

I continuously work with a team of highly qualified people to deliver cutting edge solutions to businesses that depend on doing business on the internet. I am usually part of designing system architecture and creating structured data frameworks. I use Visual Studio and write code in C#, utilizing MVC.NET for rapid web page development. I am also familiar with semantic HTML5, CSS3 and scripting with jQuery.