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Instantly addicted to Rimworld I played countless hours of this game during early realese. After reading on the forum that advanced game mods can be created in C# I pursued a challenge.
I got talking with some guys and the general consesus was that there was a gap with lighting in the game. Everything is radius lit, there was talk about doing angled lights. So I spent more countless hours making a mod, which I ended up calling LED Technology

I offer support to twitch streamers and hard core gamers out there. I my self do not have huge amounts of time to play games anymore but I follow a few streamers and help them out with some software kit here and there. If you need some help with some hosted stuff for gaming drop me a line.

  • NeoTheHitMan - Long time bro hosting various awesome games, Gunpla, etc..
    [I host a private ARK server for his team]
  • Harvey_UK - We do some crazy expirements and he streams awesomes games
    [I host his PhantomBot and we building a Path Of Exile tool, comming soon]